A poetic exploration of maritime beacons

From 9 April to 6 November the Port-Musée of Douarnenez houses an ambitious contemporary art exhibition. It brings together 50 artists under the initiative of the metal sculptor Fred Barnley and the theme of maritime signalisation.

Artbalise is an explorative journey, a poetic evocation of maritime buoyage, undertaken by a large group of artists. This group, composed in the most part of former students of Fred Barnley, responded to a Call for project, enabling thereafter the production and fabrication of their works. The overall exhibition, from scenography and fittings to mounting, has been designed and executed by the team of the Port-Musée.

Others joining this team were inspired by this evocative theme close to metal. This material allows for a large variety of proportions – from jewellery to monumental sculptures – but also for a great diversity of forms due to the numerous transformations possible. Other graphic or visual arts, such as video and photography, mingle with and echo the works of volume. The paper collages of Gildas Bitout on the walls of the exhibition space, indicate the visitor’s journey in its entirety.

This extraordinary exhibition is designed as a sensory passage between buoyage and the arts. It forms an imaginary channel between technology and poetry – enabled by the ingenuity of three successive generations of artists – as the types of buoyage and navigation keep evolving.