Activities for the whole family

From 8 july to 23 august.

Although some are very visual, activities are in french only.

Paleometallurgy demonstration
In the tradition of the itinerant alchemists of the Middle Ages, Malo Kervern illustrates the history of metallurgy in Brittany, by demonstrating the extraction of metals from ores.
Thursday 18, Tuesday 23, Tuesday 30 July
Tuesday 6, Monday 12, Tuesday 20 August
3PM, moored collection

Sardines and Social Struggle
The life of seamen and workers, the industrial boom, social conflicts… the whole history of Douarnenez is told through the Port Museum’s permanent collection.
Tuesday 9, Wednesday 10, Wednesday 17, Wednesday 24, Wednesday 31 July
Wednesday 7, Wednesday 14, Wednesday 21 August
3PM, dock museum

“Koñchennoù” in the Bistro (koñchennoù is a Breton word meaning gossip, rumour or tales)
Come and listen to our two local storytellers, Jean Pencalet and Patrice Goyat, to hear anecdotes about seamen’s bistros or learn about “Douarnenez dialect” in the Bistro exhibition.
Friday 26 July and Friday 16 August
5PM, dock museum, Bistro exhibition

Sailor skills
Net-mending, seamanship
Discover skills for seafaring (net-mending and seamanship) by trying out these techniques with passionate volunteers.
Monday 8, Thursday 11, Monday 15, Thursday 18, Monday 22, Thursday 25, Monday 29 July
Thursday 1, Monday 5, Thursday 8, Monday 12, Monday 19, Thursday 22 August
3PM-5PM, moored collection
Tanning demonstration, introduction to sculling
Discover traditional sail tanning and try your hand at the old art of sculling with passionate volunteers.
Tuesday 16 July and Thursday 8 August
3PM-5PM, moored collection

Children first
Fridays 12 and 26 July, and Fridays 2, 16 and 23 August. Moored collection :
The semaphore game : Using the semaphore code, and accompanied by a guide, children will code and decode a message. For children aged 6 and above.
Find the mystery word : To find the mystery word, children will need to look for clues on the boats…

Friday 19 July and Friday 9 August :
Tales from the sea : Discover the marvellous world of tales from the sea, on a moored boat with storytellers from “Mirettes et Écoutilles”.
Find the mystery word : To find the mystery word, children will need to look for clues on the boats…

July program

August program

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Dock museum

À quai, la collection permanente du Port-musée se déploie sur 1 500 m2, consacrés à l’histoire de l’évolution du territoire, aux savoir-faire des marins et charpentiers et au quotidien des femmes et des hommes. Plus d’une vingtaine de bateaux sont présentés, conçus pour le travail ou la plaisance, de la pirogue rudimentaire au yacht raffiné : ils illustrent la multiplicité des navires du monde entier.

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