The team

Led by a curator in charge of the scientific programme and museum management, the Port Museum’s team of 16 people covers a wide range of expertise and skills. With the support of the municipal technical services, this allows all its projects to be carried out internally.

There is a large technical team, responsible for restoring and maintaining all the boats in the moored collection. With 2 shipwrights, a mechanic and a painter, the team works on the flotilla every day. The museum regularly carries out major maintenance operations, for which it calls upon local expertise and works with shipyards in the region.

On land, a collections manager is in charge of the museum’s collection and reserve collection. With a team of 2 people, a joiner and an equipment manager (in charge of lighting, sound and video editing, etc.), plus technical support for setting up exhibitions, she manages the reserve collections and those exhibited in the museum, loans, and the development of temporary exhibitions. All the design work for the temporary exhibitions is done internally: exhibition furniture design, technical equipment, installation of the works, video editing, etc.

There is a team of 4 people who provide services to visitors and the public. 2 of them work on reception. The other 2 are responsible for developing educational projects, and for designing, booking and conducting guided tours. This department also manages the cultural programme, tourism promotion and relationships with partners.

One staff member is responsible for administration and finance, and supports the reception team for part of the year. There are also two security officers and a caretaker for the whole museum.