Health protection measures

Museum building

Because of the current health protection requirements, visitors must respect social distancing rules and follow the proposed route around the museum. Masks must be worn by visitors aged 11 years and over, throughout their entire visit. Hand sanitizing gel is available. Please use it before touching anything.

A maximum of 210 people are allowed in the museum at once.

Moored museum boats

Because of the current health protection requirements, the moored museum boats are closed to visitors. However, the piers are open free of charge, from 1 July to 31 August.

Visitors are welcome to walk around the site (as long as they respect current barrier measures), sit down to enjoy the scenery, look at the boats, draw or daydream. The museum’s technical team will be working aboard the boats. This maintenance and restoration work will provide an interesting spectacle for visitors, giving them a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes. Museum staff will also be on site to welcome and inform visitors on their way in. They will be ensuring that maximum visitor numbers are not exceeded and that health protection measures are being followed.

A maximum of 200 people are allowed in the pier area at once.