Holiday Activities

Roman Children

Explore the world of Roman children. Count like them, write like them (on wax tablets) and play their games, including Roman nine men’s morris (a strategy board game) and knucklebones. You can even build a Roman temple, villa or tanks using Kapla planks.
(Tuesday 12, 19 & 26 February and 5 March at 3PM)

Traditional Rope-Making

Find out which plant was used to make ropes in the olden days, and learn about centuries-old rope-making techniques! Try out the rope-making machine and take home a piece of rope as a souvenir!
(Thursday 14, 21 & 28 February and 7 March at 3PM)

Pulley Power

After a short observation of various old and new pulleys, the children will take part in a classroom-based handling workshop, to lift 10kg weights using 4 different systems! Which will be easiest?
(Wednesday 13 and 20 February at 3PM)

Family Archaeological Dig

Budding archaeologists and their parents can learn about archaeological excavation methods. If the weather is suitable, the workshop will be followed by a tour of the Plomarc’h archaeological site (ancient garum tanks).

Plomarc’h (village) exhibition room, for ages 7 and above. Maximum 16 people, booking recommended: contact the Port Museum. (Friday 15 and 22 February at 3PM)

Practical information

Dock museum open every day* from 9 February to 10 March, 10AM-12.30PM and 2PM-6PM

Admission: Adult: €5.50 Reduced-Child: €3.50 Family: €15
No extra charge for activities

* The moored museum boats are closed during winter.

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  • 9 Février 2019 - 8 Mars 2019
  • 0 h 00 min - 0 h 00 min
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Dock museum

À quai, la collection permanente du Port-musée se déploie sur 1 500 m2, consacrés à l’histoire de l’évolution du territoire, aux savoir-faire des marins et charpentiers et au quotidien des femmes et des hommes. Plus d’une vingtaine de bateaux sont présentés, conçus pour le travail ou la plaisance, de la pirogue rudimentaire au yacht raffiné : ils illustrent la multiplicité des navires du monde entier.

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