On course for Douarnenez

The photography and sketches of Lætitia Vassal

“Lun II, a 45 register ton ketch, is looking for crew members. Good physical and psychological health, presentable, valid passport. All ages, experienced or novice, sense of adventure required.”

I re-read this advert twice, aware of the contrast that it created before my eyes, between the green of the Nantes countryside and the imagined blue that these words kindled inside me. (…) My mind was made up: I would go seeking the Lun! This was where the adventure began…

With these on-the-spot sketches capturing life and these photos, I have tried to express, to share, some hint of a dream, a little poetry, to offer a breath of sea air that might stimulate our senses and our curiosity for travel.

Lætitia Vassal

Lobby exhibition room, free entry