The Ys exhibition is a contemporary artistic interpretation of the famous Breton legend telling of a lost city submerged beneath the Bay of Douarnenez. It is a photographic and literary immersion in the poetic and dramatic world of this myth.

In this 400m² exhibition, the large photographs and the texts (written in French only, with recordings in Breton) sweep the visitor away into an age-old legend that is still alive today.
This project is accompanied by a book (in French) from the publisher Filigranes Éditions.

In this exhibition, words and images come together in an original visual and sound installation, with the fruits of the project presented at the Port Museum (Port-musée) in Douarnenez.
For the artist, exhibiting works in a maritime museum is a way of anchoring himself in his region and of paying tribute to this land of legends, which is a major source of inspiration for him.
The project is the result of work with the museum’s team and its heritage curator and director Kelig-Yann Cotto, and with the exhibition curator Emmanuelle Hascoët (Fovearts agency), who has been supporting Benjamin Deroche with his exhibition projects for several years.