3D collection

A pioneer in digitisation and lasergrammetry, in 2005 the Port Museum started its first 3D laser scan surveys. The programme was revived in 2009, with a new software solution and an internal operational chain involving technicians, a survey specialist and a naval architect. This expertise has earned the museum international recognition, including a project within the framework of the EU conducted with the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, and an expert mission on behalf of the National Museum of Oman. In France, the Port Museum has provided services to the Granville Museums and the fleet of the French Lighthouses and Beacons Service (Phares et Balises). Around a hundred boats from the collection have been scanned. Most are small work boats, but more complex work has been conducted on the Anna Rosa and Notre-Dame-de-Rocamadour, in combination with non-destructive investigation methods. The aim is to create a digital archive of the shapes and architecture of these “masterpieces of the human mind” (Admiral Paris), constantly monitor changes over time, study them from all angles and piece together their history.